After American-owned spirits and wine company, Brown-Forman acquired Tequila Herradura, a Mexican company that produces Casa Herradura Tequila, they needed a way to introduce the brand as part of their portfolio of beverages. Their agency contacted us about going to Mexico to shoot a short film which would tell the story of this historic tequila producing hacienda in a way that would capture the imagination of their stockholders.

Casa Herradura tequila is a story rich in history and fascinating details set in picturesque location of Tequila, Mexico


When we set out for Casa Herradura in Amatitán, Mexico, we really had no idea what to expect, and I knew we’d have to be ready for anything. Immediately upon arrival, we were each fitted with a lanyard which held a shot glass that was placed around our neck, then we were introduced to one of our two tour guides —he was a donkey name Cuco who was fitted with two large barrels of tequila strapped over his back. At that point, we knew it was going to be interesting, to say the least.

Over the course of our shoot, we were immersed in an intimate education on the time-honored process of making Herradura tequila, we witnessed the labor and the passion required to transform agave into tequila. Little conversation was needed for the docu-style format we were filming in, the multi-camera set up we used enabled us to tell the story of the process and the workers from a multitude of angles. We became part of their crew as we followed the jimadors through the fields as they were harvesting the agave piñas, capturing their masterful use of a coa to strip away the agave. We filmed the original factory and the new distillery where the piñas are carefully baked, and we witnessed the open air fermentation that works its magic before the soon-to-be-tequila is precisely distilled and then set to age to perfection. I learned that I love anejo tequila because it is aged in old bourbon barrels.


The shoot was a fast, intense three-day project. The painstaking patience and centuries of tradition poured into every bottle of Herradura tequila is dramatically captured in the final piece. By showcasing the dedication, craftsmanship and authenticity of the people of Casa Herradura, we brought the brand — and the tequila — to life. We provided Brown-Forman with a great story that gives the viewer a taste of Herradura's history in every glass.

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