We landed an interesting campaign for White Cloud, a private label paper company that makes household paper products. The concept was “We know ‘Family’ is whoever you say it is,” featuring a real couple and their pet, a well thought out tie-in to the company tag line “Real quality. For real families.”

The concept called for real people in their real homes... and their real fur babies.


Because we needed to find a real couple with real pets and a house right for the shoot, casting on this project was a particular challenge. To get the ball rolling, we posted on social media to solicit candidates and received over 250 responses. We narrowed that down by pictures and conversations and chose forty to put on camera. We then had to interview each couple in their own home to ensure they (as well as their pet) would be comfortable in front of the camera, that their house was suitable, and they would not be intimidated by a crew of 25 people descending on their home. We didn’t have the luxury of a typical casting call since it was imperative we see where they lived and witness their interaction with their pets. We also had to be sure their pet wouldn’t stress out and go nuts on us. Four crews went out to do interviews. I was involved too, and I loved every second. It was fun to drop in on people’s lives, get to know them, and find out why they were interested in being a part of our project.

I've always considered myself a people shooter probably because I'm a people watcher. Being invited into these people's lives was an amazing. Their body language, the way they decorated their homes, the pride they had for their families... this shoot was already coming together in my head. We narrowed our candidates down to our top 20 choices and submitted them to the creative team for selection. Once they made their pick, we prepped for an intensive one-day shoot.


All the pieces came together well. Even though we were tasked with some pretty unique circumstances, we were able to find the perfect real family for the job. They were naturals in front of the camera and had great chemistry. Ironically, our couple had both worked in our industry before, and our female’s dialogue timing was perfect. She might even have a future on the big screen. We created a :15, :30 and a :60 second spot, plus stills featuring a very personable, likable couple with an endearing story about their unique family — the two of them and their dog Cody.

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